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Courtney Gilbert, is a recent graduate based in Wellington, New Zealand with her Bachelor of Creative Media Production from Massey University. 

With a track record of success in direction, project management, visual/performing arts, digital efficiency and client relationship Courtney is well rounded in all aspects of film which allows her to successfully lead her peers through large projects.  Her dream is to work some of the most talented people in the industry, bring her creative content to national and international markets and eventually open her own animation production company.

Courtney was 2018 Big Pitch winner for her 3D animated series ‘Kiwis Can Fly’ at the SPADA Conference. She will be attending international markets in 2019 to pitch Kiwis Can Fly to possible investors, co-production companies and influential content creators.


"I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Courtney over the past five months. She is intelligent and driven, with a natural gift for producing and an incredible flair for animation. Above all, she is an absolute pleasure to be around and I have no doubt that her passion and talent for media production will take her far in life."

- Jessie Grosser, Production Manager, Flying Saucer Films.

“From the get go, Courtney was the stand out talent for me. She presented brilliantly, had a clear creative vision for the animation project she pitched, had done her research and left me with no doubt that she was a creative talent who would go far in the media industry. She works hard, communicates brilliantly and has led her team with skill and passion.”

- Amie Mills, Head of Funding, NZ on Air.

”I was blown away by Courtney’s dedication to her work, as well as the fresh perspectives and creative solutions she brought to the process. Courtney’s series Kiwi’s Can Fly is good enough to be considered for broadcast on TVNZ’s children’s on-demand platform HEIHEI. Achieving this level of production deserves acknowledgement and we’re incredibly proud of her.”

- Kate Simmonds, Manager of HEIHEI and New Blood content, TVNZ.

“Courtney has a bright future in the industry, both conceiving of and creating her own content, but also of enabling those around her and in a team context to succeed alongside her….She is adept at given not only her technical skills in animation, editing, production, direction and concept design but also her skills and experience in budgets, casting, dealing with her client(s), fundraising and attracting, managing and leading a team…Her initiative, attention to detail, maturity, ideas and leadership are remarkable for someone of her age and experience”

- Nicci (Lock) Boucher, Project Manager, Massey University.

Courtney embraces production management and her ability to communicate well translates into how she organises roles, manages staffing responsibilities, and determines milestones. She embraces organising projects with industry tools such as Shotgun, Trello, and with carefully organised collaborative spreadsheets. Courtney has a thorough understanding of post-production and animation/VFX pipelines. The quality of her work and her engagement in and out of class has made her a stand out student and person. Courtney confidently carries herself in a very outgoing, friendly, and professional way. She is respectful, listens carefully, and often takes notes for herself and for others. Courtney delivers clear and constructive criticism to her peers and eagerly seeks feedback on her own work. It has been very rewarding taking part in Courtney’s enthusiasm for the craft of post-production development.

- Justin Rotolo, Staff Producer and Animation Supervisor, Massey University.