WIFT - Women Working at Weta Digital

Today I attended the WIFT organisation Women at Weta workshop where we were able to ask questions to a panel of very established and successful women at Weta Digital.  The panel included:

  • Beck Veitch - Digital Compositor
  • Kathy Gruzas - CIO
  • Lena Scanlan - VFX producer
  • Sandy Taylor - Film Editor, Senior Production Manager

This workshop was very eye opening and interesting to me personally because I would one day love to work with Weta and some of the most talented people in the industry today.  I took the opportunity to ask the panel some questions of my own regarding finding opportunities and making opportunities for not only yourself but your team and the projects you are working on.  They gave some great advice that really resonated with me and left me feeling like I had learnt something useful to myself personally.  I also took it upon myself to formally introduce myself to the panel after the workshop finished because how could I not?!  These women are very talented and people I aspire to emulate - I can only hope to one day be as successful as they have been.  What a great night, thanks WIFT!

Women at Weta.JPG