Major Project Progression - Kiwis Can Fly - Kori the Kiwi

Thought I might post some recent character developments from my major project I am directing/producing and visual developing which is a 3D animated children's tv series called, "Kiwis Can Fly". Below is a character VFX break down that my team and I have been developing over the last month and a half.  You will see a breakdown of: controls/rig pass, animation pass, jiggle physics, skin and fur pass for our main character Kori.  

Our main character, Kōri, is a feathery ball of unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity. There is no obstacle that Kōri can’t overcome - except for flying, but that won’t stop him from trying! With his can-do kiwi attitude and innate DIY know-how Kōri is determined to construct a series of contraptions and gadgets to assist him in his quest for flight."