Second Year Recruitment Pitch

Today we had the opportunity to pitch our major projects to second year Creative Media Production students in the hopes of recruiting them to work on our major projects next semester.  The purpose of recruiting second year students is not only to quicken the pace of production but to also give them an opportunity to learn the process of working under management and time restrictions.  They also have the opportunity to learn from the third year students more technical skills in the fields of work that they want to learn more about. 

I may be biased, however, I believe that my teams pitch was the most impressive and well presented project.  My Co-Producer Joshua and I were able to get across lots of information about our project in five minutes.  This included our log-line, elevator pitch, character descriptions, character turn tables, rendered character walk cycles with technical breakdowns on both characters (included; animation, rig controls, mesh, jiggle simulation, Xgen fur simulation and texturing),  episode one animatic with VA and foley, environment concept design, roles available in our team as well as answer any questions.  We got great audience reaction to our characters which was a lot of 'ooohs', 'aaaahs' and 'awws' which was fantastic.  Unlike other teams we weren't relying on production/client names, confectionary or unconfirmed promises to draw in our recruits.  We let the work we had managed to produce over the last seven weeks do the talking for us.  My teams skills, ability to produce high quality work and determination to make this project something worth while was our selling point.  This helped to elevate our project above others.

Here is some feedback on our presentation:

"Great presentation. The audience reacted really well to your presentation...Clearly it connects to people. It's a cute story with cute characters and environments. This team is motivated and everyone works hard. It really shows in the quality and potential of the work." - Justin Rotolo, Animation Tutor.

"I don't have any questions, I just wanted to say how amazing your presentation was and the amount of work you guys have produced in such a short amount of time is really impressive." - Second Year Student Audience Member.