Art/Work Lecture by Laura Yilmaz

I went to an amazing lecture by 2D Animator and Motion Graphics designer Laura Yilmaz.  This lecture was hosted by Victoria University's Mirimar Creative Center out on Park Road so it was very cool to see the facilities they have out there.  Throughout her lecture Yilmaz gave us a rundown of her personal history and experiences as a creative media maker as well as the companies and jobs she has worked on which was really interesting.  I especially enjoyed hearing about the current game she is developing with her partner called 'Thin Air'.  The visuals of this game look amazing and I am very excited to see more of this work from her.  I really enjoyed the concept and the look of this production as it reaches out to a more alternative audience of gamers - perhaps even a more mature generation.   It explores the themes of motherhood, loss, loneliness, identity and purpose which I thought was really neat.  If you want to check out more on the work being done for this game - which I highly recommend looking into, I will attach a link below.