Nice to catch up!

This morning I met up with the amazing Amie Mills for a coffee at the Milk Crate. During the beginning of the year Amie was the Head Children's Digital Content Commissioner for the online platform HEIHEI and my former external supervisor from TVNZ for major projects at school.  Currently, in the last few months Amie has left TVNZ to work on new projects with NZ on Air commissioning for public channels on New Zealand television.  Because of this Amie had to hand over the reins of supervisor to another capable co-worker Kate Simmonds, who has been great to work with.  Although I was sad to see her go it was really nice to catch up with her and discuss projects, aspirations and updates on current exciting projects.  It is really awesome to talk with someone who is so passionate about New Zealand digital content, content for children and other unvisited facets of media.  I wish her all the best at her new job and know that she will do amazing things in the future with NZ on Air.