Take One

Last week sure was a busy one! 

After much preparation my team and I finished all of our voice recordings needed for our mini series Kiwis Can Fly.  Our talented young actor, James Catherwood, came into the studio last Tuesday to perform the role of Kori the Kiwi.  I can't praise the talent of James enough, he was great to work with, applied direction and critiques extremely well and delivered all lines flawlessly.  I can definitely foresee a bright future for this young actor in the performing arts industry and really hope I can work with him again in the future.  It was loads of fun directing this recording session with my amazing team mates Joshua Tong and Andrew Peek I was very pleased with the quality in recordings we were able to complete in such a short amount of time.  Once the recordings have finished being mixed we will be moving onto episodic animation.  I am very excited to see some animated visuals.