"Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artists" Talk with Andrew Price

I just listened to a great lecture on “Seven habits of Highly Effective Artists” by Andrew Price from Blender. I personally really enjoyed this talk and believes it applies to all artists whether it be traditional, digital, photographical, design, writing, music, whatever! It can be easy to lose motivation to put time into your craft but these steps really put into perspective how easy it is to reclaim your passion and dedication for art. Do give it a listen if you have a spare moment he brings up some great point - I just listened while I folded my laundry! I’ve listed the seven key habits and where abouts to find them in the video below. The only one I don't agree with is the Create What You Love. You HAVE to branch out and break out of your boundaries, you can't always just stay drawing cute girls and what not. You have to challenge yourself. As an artist, you have to be versatile.

  1. 2:31 Daily work

  2. 5:51 Volume, not perfection

  3. 8:40 Steal

  4. 11:46 Conscious learning

  5. 15:50 Rest

  6. 19:02 Feedback

  7. 24:09 Create what you love